518 West Coast Rd: a word from the developer.

Last month the Oratia R&R wrote to Daniel Thomas, one of the Directors of 518 West Coast Rd Ltd, who is undertaking the development at 518 West Coast Rd. We outlined some of the concerns residents had expressed about the work – i.e. the nature and density of the housing, and the future of the Kaurimu Stream – and asked if he could give us an overview of the Company’s plans. Click here to read our letter.

Peter Reid, another of the Company’s directors, responded. Mr Reid’s response is below, reproduced with his permission.

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Mr Reid replied:

Thank you for your interest in our development. The development is being undertaken by Peter Reid and Daniel Thomas trading as 518 West Coast Road Ltd.

It is a very basic development of 10 residential lots with a driveway along the lower side of the sections.

The Kaurimu Stream is retained and will vest with Council as an Esplanade Reserve.

The development will be undertaken using the principles of “Low Impact” i.e. we will do minimal earthworks and stormwater runoff will be treated in such a way that we mimic natural runoff as much as possible. We will also minimise impervious surfaces were possible.

We intend to build all the houses on the site ourselves and will sell some of them; however we will also probably retain a number of them and either live in them or rent them out.

I understand from the previous owner and Council parks officers that there was a group who were doing planting along the stream. This land will become esplanade reserve and we are happy for this group to continue planting etc. if they wish. They would need to obviously come and talk to us about this until such time as the esplanade reserve vests with council.

Peter Reid