Local Board Agenda includes a request for a $40,000 investment in Oratia History and Village

Item 15 (pg 47) on the Agenda for the Waitakere Ranges  Local Board meeting tomorrow  night, is a request for funding approval of $40,000  for a project that will assist with implementing Local Area Plan policies and actions relating to the enhancement of the village of Oratia’s historical  and cultural identity.

The item recommendation is for approval of expenditure of $40,000 in the current financial year towards:

  • documenting Oratia’s historical and cultural heritage  which would  happen primarily between January to March 2013 ;
  • and, designing improvements to enhance Oratia’s public spaces that celebrate its unique heritage and cultural identity.    This would include developing landscape  design concepts for the village’s entry points, the Domain, road verges and the interface with non-residential activities.   This work would be conducted principally from March to June 2013.

Fingers crossed.  This would be a wonderful Christmas for our community.   Get on facebook  and give them a like or a comment to let them know Oratia’s  keen.