What will make Glen Eden Rock?

Our neighbours in Glen Eden are getting a well deserved town centre upgrade.   Glen Eden, the gateway to the Waitakeres, is our close neighbour and we share their resources, so as well as wanting the best for our neighbours,  Oratia also has  a direct interest in the township.

There have been some nice things happening in Glen Eden lately: Sola Rosa Restaurant is humming,  the Columbus cafe and Fresh Choice grocery store have activated that corner,  and a lovely historic mural has up has gone up in Glen Mall.

The good thing about the older style town centre is that they weren’t lumbered with gigantic soulless retail stores.  The shops are still quite small with little lanes between, making it well placed to be walkable and more “Melbourne-esque.”

Check out the design and have a think about what would really make Glen Eden hum.

The council are asking for community input. There are plans showing landscape ideas and a feedback form available here, or you can check it out at Glen Eden Library.