Rural Village Design

Oratia has had a lovely piece of grass around our halls called the domain and the Oratia R&R have been contemplating its uses. The council have kindly granted some funding so we can explore the options in our little town (more on this shortly).

Kaukapakapa is a township with similar attributes that has recently undergone a redesign process. Kaukapakapa is a rural township with a similar population to Otimai (Oratia and Waiatarua). Both our townships have a large road leading in and some historic buildings.

Kaukapapa underwent a community consultation process. It was interesting to look at their design process, which involved using the internet and a website as part of the community consultation process.

This link shows their design and development plans, which got me thinking about what Oratia would require for our village.

Their plan included:

  • an entry sign
  • a grass treatment along their large road to soften it visually and create traffic calming
  • a playground play space
  • a community noticeboard to deal with all the notices being nailed up randomly around their community.

What would you like to see in our Oratia community? We have the first of two 2-hour workshops coming up soon where the community gets to talk to the landscape designers, Isthmus, who have been contracted by Auckland Council to produce a landscape design for Oratia Village.

CLICK HERE to read more and join the conversation on our Heritage and Design page.

This is your Village. Make sure your voice is heard.