Love the Orchards and your Rural Views…….Buy Local

Zove the Orchard’s and your Rural Views  -well the best way we can preserve them is by supporting them with our spending power.    Apple orchards and grape vines aren’t just a romantic notion.  So if buying some of the freshest, tastiest and best produce around isn’t enough of a reason, then shop local because it’s the best way to ensure that the grape vines at Artisan keep growing , and the Apple trees on West Coast keep flowering.

Support what’s good, so we can have the businesses that provide for our community and are part of our heritage and our rural outlook.

If you visit our halls for Yoga, Playgroup and Scouts, take a trip down the road for a bag of fresh picked apples or stop at Nolas for some home grown veges.  And then grab a bottle of Award  winning wine at Artisans to have with your dinner.

Want a lovely day trip out of the city, then hop on the train, get off at Sunnyvale station and meander along the bike path to the Oratia Farmers market for an authentic farmers market experience.

Preserve your local rural outlook by putting your money back into the hands of the guys who are still tending the land.