Oratia Public Workshop And Market Display – Council’s Waitakere Ranges Visitor Management Plan

Auckland Council is developing a Visitor Management Plan for the region.

Click here for the Waitakere Range Visitor Management Background Report

Workshop dates: Oratia Small Hall Tuesday 17 Sept 7-9pm

Oratia Market Saturday 7 September 9.00-midday, Community booth, Oratia
Markets, Artisan Wines, 99 Parrs Cross Road

The Background  is interesting reading and mentions Oratia’s statement of intent regarding visitors to Oratia.    This workshop is focused on finding the balance between the good and the harm and identifying facilities required for visitors to the Ranges.  It could also be a good opportunity  to discuss how the Council can  best support the  local businesses in Oratia who’s businesses are consistent with our vision statement.

Oratia LAP (2009)
The Oratia community has identified a desired future in which
‘Oratia will be appreciated by people seeking rest, respite, recreation … within a
natural and rural environment. It will provide opportunities for people to connect
with and experience nature, rural, wilderness, history, food, wine, creative
endeavour, culture, gardens, ecology, landscape, health and wellbeing and the
outdoors. Rural activities will … maintain a rural character and a worked – in
landscape. These will be small-scale, low impact rural activities such as culinary
and eco-tourism, health and wellbeing, recreation and cultural experiences that will enhance social and economic wellbeing’.