Poison on Carter Road

We are doing some investigation to get the facts.  But there have been  some concerns  raised today about poison laid on Carter Road.  Two neighbors are sad to have lost two pet dogs  and a cat.     Please secure your pets until we can get full information .

*** Update it looks like the above problem was not on council land.  Please when you are laying bait or traps use good safe practice and be considerate of the neighbours kids and pets.    The council has, however,  been laying bait on the Parker Rd/ Arataki Track for pest control.  This is not new, but what you should know is that we believe there has been a change in the posion from Brodifacoum rather that Collicalciferol. This is being confirmed.  This new poison has the upside of having a antidote (Vitamin K) for animals that are primarily or secondarily poisoned.