Oratia Village Precinct Rules now up – it’s time to have a second crack at the Unitary Plan

From the Waitakere Ranges Local Board: The Proposed Unitary Plan is now available to view, with formal submissions now being accepted http://ow.ly/pk4o2
The difference this time is that their are now rules for the Oratia Village zone.  It’s important.  It will define where we live and how our village develops and whether we retain the character that we are all hoping for.
OK, So here is the main page :
Sorry it doesn’t give direct link to the pages that relate to Oratia, So you need to go to the above link.  Then Chapter 3 Regional and District Rules, Then Chapter K Precinct Rules, Then 7 West, Then 7.9 Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area.
You should have a look at this section as it is the rules for our Area – The size and number of signs, activities, number of buildings, planting, character.  And then go to 11. Sup policy area Oratia Village.
Sure it’s annoying.  Another submission…. Arrrrrggghhhh…..  But it’s the rules for our area.  And once they are locked in it will define Auckland and Oratia.    So have a read.  Make sure the rules capture the kind of place you want to live in.