dance dance dance School at Oratia Settlers Hall

Contemporary dance artist, choreographer, and Oratia local Christina Houghton is bringing dance  to the Settlers Hall.      So check the proposed timetable then book in and dance!

Christina Houghton's photo.

dance dance  dance School aims to develop a student’s awareness of their own moving bodies through space in relation to the floor, music and others in an encouraging and creative environment. They will experience a range of dance techniques and performance skills that will form a strong base for dancing just for fun aswell as build a great foundation towards a future in dance. There will also be opportunities to make and perform dance for the community.

Classes Start on Tuesday 4th February. Please register your interest at call or text 02102237414 A.S.A.P.

Draft Timetable below.  Times may change based on numbers.

Christina Houghton's photo.


Dance seeds  – Age 4

Pre-school creative dance. Kids learn how to move to music and in response to imagery learning the basic concepts of dance, jump, roll and leap, through imagination and rhythm.

Dance movers  – Age 5

Creative dance using creative imagery to encourage children’s free exploration of movement through time, space using rhythm and imagination.

Dance makers – Age 6-7

Creative contemporary dance – Students learn basic contemporary dance movement along side creative improvisation and dance making through improvisation to imagery and music.

Dance makers Age 8 – 11

Creative contemporary dance – learning the basics of contemporary dance technique and task based creative improvisation. Classes build on dance warm-ups and basic phases combined with tasked based activities for creative dance making.

Dance Jam Ages 6-7

Hip-hop styles, high-energy dance actions for physical kids. Running jumping leaping and rolling.  Students learn some hip-hop moves and creative improvisation tasks in a fun environment.

Dance Jam Age 8-11

Hip-hop styles, high-energy dance actions for physical kids. Students further their own vocabulary and experiment with dance making skills for creating their own dance jams with others.


Draft TIME TABLE – 13th January 2014


Classes Start on Tuesday 4th February. Please register your interest at call or text 02102237414 A.S.A.P.

Call or email for any inquires. Bookings to be made by Monday 27th of January. There may be changes to timetable depending on numbers.


Tuesday                                                                       Cost per Term (10 weeks)

3:20 – 4:20      Dance makers 5 yrs                                                     $110

4:20- 5:20       Dance Jam 6-7 yrs                                                       $110


2:00 – 2:45      Dance seeds  4 yrs                                                     $80



3:20 – 4:20      Dance makers 6-7 yrs                                                  $110

4:20 – 5:20      Dance Jam 8-11yrs                                                      $110

Trial Classes $10/$8

christina houghton dance dance dance

Christina Houghton is currently a practicing dance artist in Auckland choreographing and performing in many performance festivals and events in Auckland such as THEATRE 466, AUCKLAND BLACKOUT PERFORMANCE ASSEMBLY, TEMPO and SHORT AND SWEET DANCE, OCEANIC PERFORMANCE BIENNIAL along side many well-known contemporary dance artists. She originally studied and taught dance in Dunedin AT OTAGO UNIVERSITY. She recently completed a Masters and Creative and Performing Arts at THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND specialising in site specific performance on environmental issues while also teaching University students. She is now starting dance dance dance School where she plans to share her comprehensive knowledge in contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and somatic dance practice, performance and dance as a way of life starting with our kids. dance dance advocates a supportive creative environment for a diversity of participants and safe dance practice.