YOU NEED TO DO THIS – Quick Online Survey Due tomorrow – (Council spending direction for the next three years) – take 5 minutes to answer.

Little but important council Survey! Deadline tomorrow – Do it Here!

Government is money distribution! The Council wants to know how to distribute YOUR money in the next three years.  And Oratia was only a blip on their radar for the last three years, and we’re  only barely on their radar for the next three years.  So take 5 minutes and answer 8 questions.  I’ve put my opinions below.  Feel free to copy what you want or make up your own.    But DO the quick survey. – TODAY!!!

1A  Working with our communities to protect the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area

Answer: Don’t Know   What does this mean?  What is it?  And how much budget?  Does this include investing in our communities, culture and economy or is this environment: weeds and possums.  We need both addressed in the heritage area.

1C  Protecting and restoring the unique natural environments of our areas, its forests and coasts

Answer: Strongly Oppose.  Because you forgot  rural landscapes which are in danger of becoming extinct. Council and the region made a commitment to protect them as per the Heritage Act .  They need to do so! Urgently! And with funding resources.

1E Fostering arts and culture including developing Titirangi as the vibrant arts hub for the west

Strongly Oppose.  20+ Million is enough.  And 2 million ongoing opex is enough.  Lopdell looks great.  Colin Mccahon house looks great.   But Art and culture  belongs to all communities.  Glen Eden needs more art and design to lift their village.  Oratia needs the new artwork bridges as per it’s masterplan that celebrate it’s culture and create a gateway..  2 million annual opex for one type of group and one area is out of balance.  What about our small remaining rural sector?   Why is  art which sells for $1,000’s supported 100% by the central and local government.   Why is only art supported? Why not apples. honey, orchids and vineyards which are not economically sustainable with high urban land prices  but valued by communities for their food diversity and beautiful landscapes and culture ?  We would like our portion of art/culture and events budget used in our own community.  We would like music and sculpture. And  we would like a portion of budget used to protect our rural heritage which is our art.

 2 Supporting sustainable local economic activity including enabling home-based occupations in the Ranges

 Answer: Oppose.Home based occupation is doing fine without local government help. Our rural landscapes are inextrecably linked to rural activity.  Rural Landscapes are  in grave danger.  They need rates rebates.  And grants.  And support to convert to value add products , or ecotourism or new  business models. . Financial support as per international best practice in all other western countries.  We would like to see small boutique food manufacturers .  We would like to see the Glucina brewery making cider and wine again not empty paddocks , landbanking and idle machines.  This needs strategy and  investment.

 2C  Revitalising our urban villages and town centres as attractive places to live and do business, connected by green walkways and cycleways

 Answer STRONGLY OPPOSE.   I do not support URBAN – Titirangi and Swanson –  having another round of streetscaping and pathways.  They have both had SUBSTANTIAL local government investment and multiple streetscaping projects.  I support Glen Eden revitalisation and Oratia Streetscaping and revitalisation and pathways to our village and school. I support Waiatarua who have only asked for an entrance sign and still wait.  I support the foothills this time.  IT IS OUR TURN Please!

2E   Supporting reliable, frequent public transport, particularly connections to the electrified rail network

Oppose.  I would rather see my Transport Budget spent on sewerage through the central Oratia Village.  So the farm buildings can be used as a cafe or other artisan shop .  I would rather see tree planting, cycleways, and streetscaping in our village , safer crossings at  our school, and Parrs Park, and connecting the cyleway to Artisan and along to Oratia Village.

3A  What is the one most important improvement you want delivered in the Waitakere Ranges area in the next three years?

 Invest in the streetscaping and design of our village. Preservation and enhancement  and new economic ways forward for the Waitakere Ranges foothills and Glen Eden. Implement the Oratia LAP.  Implement the Oratia Masterplan

3B  Are there any facilities or services you think we should provide

Support the people who have already created great facilities.  Like Oratia Market.  Yes implement the Oratia Masterplan. Maybe a food innovation maker -space.

3C   Are there any other advocacy matters that you would like the local board to take up with other parts of Auckland Council, Council Controlled Organisations* or central government? (* such as Auckland Transport and Watercare)

 Yes address the signage issue with planning and Auckland Transport.  It’s a heritage area.  Signage needs to be subservient to the landscape.

Watercare – sewerage to the shops so they have the infrastructure to diversify.  At council’s cost! Not shared cost with the poor bloody landowners.  The councils job is to provide core infrastructure for communities.

3D Do you have any other comments

Yes.  We are Oratia.  We are a community.  We would like to be named in documents and budgets.  Not lumped together under the title heritage area (which is a legal entity not a community of people with  100’s of years of history and culture)  The heritage area is a large and diverse group of small communities with different needs and landscapes.  We want to be specifically named so we  can see what if any consideration has been given to OUR community.