Why is Lopdell in New Lynn ?

Below ** is an excerpt From Whau Agendas and Minutes (That’s the local board for New Lynn).   They would like $90k per annum to continue a gallery in the space where Lopdell has been staying during renovations.

Questions are this:

1. Why is Lopdell in New Lynn?  That is not Waitakere Ranges Local Board.  Why didn’t they site  a pop up packing shed in Oratia Farmers Market  to draw business to the beautiful Oratia Farmers Market and have sculpture in the Vineyards. It’s connected to the train and a cycleway.  Why didn’t they go to Glen Eden?  Those places are in our local board.

2. So if it went outside our area – who paid.  Well we (the people of Waitakere) did apparently. It was our shout! Nice.   So I estimate we are out of pocket $180k (or $90k per annum as per estimates below). Plus the business and enjoyment it could have bought to our area.

2. It was a missed opportunity.  For $180 k we could have refurbished the packing sheds or a building in Glen Eden and used them as a gallery space.  Would have been cool.


** Agenda of Whau Local Board 19 February 2014

1.       The Titirangi Community Arts Council has made a written request for $90,591 funding from the Whau Local Board to support the continued presence of a gallery in New Lynn as its Upstairs Gallery is scheduled to return to Lopdell House in Titirangi in March 2014.

2.       This report is to provide an opportunity for the Whau Local Board to consider this funding request in a timely manner.

Executive Summary

3.       The Titirangi Community Arts Council has the governance of the Upstairs Art Gallery and has made a request to the Whau Local Board for funding to enable the retention of a gallery at its current Totara Street site in New Lynn from March 2014.

4.       The Upstairs Art Gallery have been relocated for two years at Totara Street in New Lynn while the historic Lopdell House building in Titirangi was seismically strengthened. The gallery is due to return to its Titirangi site on March 3rd 2014.

5.       The Upstairs Art Gallery site at Lopdell House is funded by the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, and the Waitakere Ranges Local Board has also funded the gallery during its temporary stay in New Lynn.

6.       The Titirangi Community Arts Council has recently identified a desire to the Whau Local Board to continue with a gallery presence in New Lynn and is requesting new funding of approximately $90,591 annually from the Whau Local Board to enable this.