Is there any other village without a coffee shop in it’s center in Auckland?  We are now taking applications for the the Title of Auckland’s Most Un-liveable Village.  With no art gallery, transport, library, place to sit or garther, no  funding,   council funded festivals or coffee we think we might be in for the win.  Waitakere however faces charges of an extra tax of $70 per household because of all the funding we get, one of the highest discretionary spends in all of Auckland.  Pretty sure it’s not coming here.

Auckland Council parks enforcement and traffic enforcement (yep, they sent two guys) came to shut down our coffee man today.    Oratia R&R have a long term lease on the land including the land in front of the halls.  But because they pulled out the weeds in the garden, a couple of times,  they now say it is parks owned land.   But the lease shows we have a long term lease on  the land.  And when the septic pump broke then they held us responsible?  But council is it your land or our land.  You can’t have it both ways and change your story as it suits.

The traffic man said Jason is causing a traffic problem.  When in fact he has solved a traffic problem as the cars used to park there and back onto the school crossing – well the place where the kids cross – there is still no crossing despite 5+ years of asking.  And the cars parked there caused visibility issues.  They were never meant to be car parks as  the original plans from the architect in agreement with council planners show.What they really want is for us to relinquish our lease , as it’s inconvenient and not the same as the rest of Auckland and they don’t want to pay halls funding.  So they’ve chopped our funding and are putting us on a punishment regime of no septic, no coffee and no funding until we comply.  

PS. you can get in your car and go a short distance to the  Packing Shed  for a lovely sit down and a  cuppa.  Or the coffee lady at Nolas.  But really we need one in the center of the village also for that quick fix  and a natter with the other Parents and Hall users.


Oratia R&R AGM May 27 Tuesday at 7.  See you there!