What Do We want to Go into the Three Year Plan?

Another jolly submission.  Truly.  I think I’ve written more submissions to the council than school reports in my 4 years at uni.

Anyway, here’s a recap of what we’ve been asking council for.  If you’ve got any thoughts, concerns or additions.  Let us know in comments or email secretary@oratia.org.nz
1. The Halls and Marae Fund to be paid for last year 6 k and this coming up year 6k
2. The broken Septic Pump 5k
3. Capex to paint the halls
4. Signs for the entrances to our community as per the Oratia Masterplan and as per your commitment at last years agm to this group.
5. A share of the 1.5 million in unspent funding that the Local Board has existing right now  from Transport to be applied to the Oratia Masterplan streetscaping.
6. Implementation of the Domain Space and building of the coffee kiosk as per the Oratia masterplan.
7. An artgallery of our own in the packing shed
8  Our share of the festivals budget and events – fair and proportional to those received
9. Our share of the economic development budget
10 No more consultations as the current ratio of community consultation to action is approximately 5 years to 0$
11 The environment money for our area to go to Oratia’s own trust aimed at  the  preservation of Vineyards and Orchards
12. Budget for Artwork and sculpture in the village
13 Budget for a walkway to our market
14.  A budget equivalent to the Piha library which we would use for running library like (makerspace) activities in our hall.  Wifi, makerspace and events. Run by a heritage  Village Co-ordinator- with  the same hourly rate as   received by those who run other community facilities like the Titirangi Community Centre and the Mccahon House and ecomatters house.
15 Sewerage in the village area
16.  And budget for an architect to look at the Entrance of the Settlers Hall and the sliding doors.
17.  And the Oratia Halls Lease sorted out.  We want a fair maintenance agreement.  Or give the ownership back to the people of Oratia  and adequately fund us with a grant.
Whatever is not able to be done in this Annual plan, this year,  should be added to the 3 year plan.