Nothing for Rail in Government Budget

The bad news for West Aucklanders along the rail line is that their is nothing in the governments budget for the rail link.

Currently the track forms a C (blue line, diagram below) and we are missing the needed piece to form a loop, travelling much further than we need to reach our destination.

In travel times the rail link would  reduce the travel time between New Lynn and Aotea from 51 minutes to 23 minutes.

CRL time savings

It would also give more destination within the city (Aotea Station, KRd and Newton)

It would be a game changer for West Auckland suburbs near the rail.    It would reduce your travel time, increase your leisure time,  and radically  increase your house prices.

Bad news for the rail link.  But not surprising news really …..

Who is supporting  the Rail Link  – Greens for this one.