Oratia Local Voices Concerns Over Te Henga Quarry Closing

Letter to the editor today in the Western Leader: Mr Mate Marinovich speaks up regarding  the closing of the Te Henga Quarry.   Mate puts forth an opinion that balances his love of the environment and also the practical issues for families, local  businesses and local jobs.

From the Western Leader today:  Quarry favoured. It will be a sad day if Auckland Council closes the Te Henga Quarry and does not extend the resource consent for a period of another 10 years to Perrys Resources Ltd, Western Leader, May 20.
All of West Auckland’s and Auckland’s roading metal will cost far more to transport into the area if the council decides to cease the quarry lease to Perrys Resources.

The environmental impact on the site is minimal from what I have observed and the blasting of the metal aggregate is conducted in a professional manner by properly licensed men with mine licences as required by law.

Bush around the quarry has regenerated significantly in the last 10 years.

Closing the quarry will have a significant impact on aggregate resources in West Auckland.

I am an environmentalist but I have not seen rocks flying in the air to affect birdlife in the Ark in the Park. I love birds and the Ark in the Park is a significant distance away from the quarry.

I just hope that the Auckland Council standing committee that makes the final decision weighs up the majority of public feeling to keep the quarry open and grant a resource consent so people employed by Perrys Resources are not made redundant and the quarry can remain open.