Parking Submission has been extended to July 31

AT plan to charge for Park and Ride, parking in Glen Eden and prioritise cars on Arterial Roads (which could be an issue for cars parking near Oratia school.)  We made the following submission.  Feel free to crib from it if you like  and make your own submission which can be made here.  Submissions were extended untill July 31 so you still have time.

For: Auckland Transport    

From: Oratia Ratepayers and Residents

 Re: Submission on Parking

 Do not support Paid Parking in Glen Eden We do not support replacement of time limited parking with paid parking in Glen Eden.  This poorer community has shops struggling to survive and this initiative will put further pressure on neighbourhood retailers  by driving customers to free parking at the  Malls.  There has been little investment in these shops from Auckland Council.   Glen Eden is the main shops for semi-rural Oratia and is not accessible by walking, cycling, or buses.  Therefore, this is an unavoidable tax on the people of the Ranges, and for Glen Eden a tax on a community that many cannot afford.

Do not support paid park and ride in Sunnyvale and Glen Eden We do not support paid park and ride in Sunnyvale and Glen Eden.  It will discourage use of public transport.  And walking, cycling, or buses  to Transport hubs is not an option because of the wide geographical spread.

Do not support Arterial road changes in Oratia that prioritise cars over communities We do not support the Arterial Road changes for all communities.  Arterial Roads that run through communities, schools, villages should prioritise safety, people , and place over cars.   Decisions need to be made on a case by case basis in consultation with communities.