Further Unitary Plan Objections from Preserve the Swanson Foothills Society.

Individual Submissions opposed by Waitakere Ranges Protection Society continues……further objections regarding local Unitary Plan Submissions are now coming in  from Swanson Protection Society. The chair of the society, is also  trustee on Waitakere Ranges Protection Society and on the Combined Ratepayers and Residents Group. (Nothing like multiple submissions under multiple trusts).  The Waitakere Ranges Protection Society objections were drafted by planners.   There are to be 36 Objections from Preserve the Swanson Foothills Society in total. What to do if you have been opposed, check out this post? We’re unable to publish the further submissions until they’re in the public domain. If you would like information get in touch, oratia@oratia.org.nz.