Ginger.   Weedbusters. have got the full story,  but the most important info is copied  below – HOW TO GET RID OF IT.  The weather is warming up so get those gumboots on and get stuck in.  If you need a weedplan or bins try Weedfree Trust.

Ginger: What Can I Do to Get Rid of It?

Plants in deep shade produce few or no seed, so begin control on margins to minimise reseeding.
1. Cut down and paint stump (all year round): cut above pink ‘collar’ at base and apply or glyphosate (250ml/L) or metsulfuron-methyl 600g/kg (1g /L). Leave stems and leaves on site to rot down.
2. Dig or pull out small plants (all year round). Don’t compost, leave on site to rot down or hang rhizomes in trees, as they survive indefinitely. Dispose of rhizomes at a refuse transfer station or by drying out and burning.
3. Spray (all year round): metsulfuron-methyl 600g/kg (5g/10L knapsack). Add penetrant in winter. For dense patches keep spray away from roots of vulnerable plants.  Don’t replant sprayed sites for 6 months.

Description:Hedychium gardnerianum, wild ginger, close up of fruit, Kilbirnie, Wellington.Photo:by C.Howell.