16k Surprise for Oratia

Edit: This project was in the Agenda but was not approved .  It was  deferred. 8/9/14

Well there was sweet little in this years budget for Oratia , except an unexpected surprise win of $16.5 k for Oratia’s Kaurimu Stream Restoration.  (The stream that runs along by the  Oratia Bowling club.)     Apparently there is a group the Kaurimu Stream Friends.  So mysterious was the project that none of the localboard even the Ecomatters team were  aware of it.  (Item 19 Attachment A pg 193 of the Latest Agenda) In fact it’s not called sustainable streams it’s called catchment corridors and it’s “dependent on additional funding from other sources”?

Very mysterious and we look forward to hearing more.

by Penny Sparks