Parrs Park – Update on that Awesome Playground

Incoming from Auckland Council today….

Open date for the playground is the 27th of this month with face painting, balloons, free BBQ etc. You will see signage up at the park soon

 Upgrade of the no 2 field starting Monday 15th September. They’ll start off with getting the new irrigation in and the sand slits, followed by the top removal, application of the new sand carpet and then stolonising of the new grass. New drainage is also being installed in the triangle area in between the no 2 and 4 fields that has plagued the cricket wicket’s run up for years…and years. “

 No2 field is the one closest the skate ramp at Parrs.   They’re also going to fix the drainage from No1 onto the No2 field that currently drains over the footpath  Yay!

*Thanks for the update from  our trusty reporter in the field Dave Smith

PS. Stolonising is a common way of establishing turf in larger areas such as sporting ovals, golf courses etc.  Stolonising is done by a special planting machine which chops mature turf into stolons and plants plugs into the ground. Stolons are the runners across the ground from which you get roots.