Movement to Preserve old Heritage Apples in Uk

Some great recipes for Heritage Apples on Gardenista.  Link Here

From Gardenista…

” There is archaeological evidence to show that humans have been eating apples since 6,500 BC. It makes sense. They’re sweet, crunchy, juicy and, as every woman since Eve well knows, quite tantalizing. Plus, apples are incredibly versatile.

May I tempt you with my Farmhouse Apple Cake?”

Apple recipes for Thanksgiving by Laura Silverman ; Gardenista

Photo from Gardenista Link Here.

She says of Heritage Apples in the UK,

“Though most of us grew up on Red Delicious and Granny Smith, the movement to preserve old varieties means farmers’ markets now boast dozens of heirlooms. “

I sure hope we can save what remains of our apple varieties.  In the Parrs Catalogue in 1888- 89 they had over 600 varities of Apples!!! And Parrs Fruit Trees shipped out on trains from Waikomiti Station three times a day.

 This is Oratia’s Heritage.  It’s valued overseas.  It would be great to see the Foothils Budget**and preserving the landscapes and rare apple varieties as the Heritage Area Act intended..  PARR’S CATALOGUE LINK HERE.

(**Council required a payment of $400 in response to a request to find out what  the Waitakere RAnges Foothills Protection budget of $225k per annum is used for from the 2014 to 17 council budgets  .  )