Quarry Restoration Fund – Is it missing?

Environmentalists concerned at surprise quarry “clean fill” idea included in Bethell’s Local Area Plan consultation process.

The concerning phrase is: ” Possibility of clean-fill operation for a few years to re-contour the site.”  which apparently would be a profit making exercise for council.

Balancing the books , economic development, and making money shouldn’t be a problem but Waitakere already had   money set aside from a portion of the rock sales ($1.5 Million) in a special fund for the restoration of the Quarry . That money was transferred into Auckland Council, and despite promises to the contrary is now no longer available?!

Some environmentalists are also concerned as to the environmental effects of a clean fill site would be for the area which sits inside a Special Ecological Area. (Although it would , presumably, be in the same site as the existing quarry activities)

This is clause 4.2 from the Bethells LAP consultation talking about some of the other  ideas for future uses of the quarry.  Prepare and implement a Reserve Concept Plan for the Waitakere Quarry and, considering:- returning the land to bush and wetland,- providing for informal recreation, including:  walking tracks and viewing points, investigating other uses, including:  mountain biking, rock climbing, dog walking tracks, film set, native plant nursery,  swimming hole or lake, grassed area for play including picnic Concept Plan led by Local Parks, with input from the community and other stakeholders Need clarification on availability of funds. Possibility of clean-fill operation for a few years to re-contour the site.

The opportunities above  sound great , and we’d need a few more facts on whether the clean fill site stacks up as a reasonable idea.  But either way  if Auckland Council could just give Waitakere our money back please.  The Clean Fill site if local communities chose to go with it – should be in addition to the already saved restoration fund.

If you would like to voice an opinion (on this or any other matter)  you should attend the W.R. local board’s  next meeting  at 6.30 pm on Thursday 11 December.