Be Quick – $10,000 Local Contract Organising Open Studio Arts Tours – Closes in Two Days!

Proposals are invited for a  $10,000 Council  contract in Waitakere Ranges Local Board.  It is an  opportunity to design ‘Open Studio Waitakere’  Arts Programme, a  one-day programme involving home studio-based artists resident in the Waitākere Local Board area, whereby the studios are open to the public with artists on site to engage actively with visitors.

Proposals are due on or before 22 April 2015 and require a detailed outline of the potential supplier’s specific approach and methodology to providing the services of the development of the OSW programme. Proposals will demonstrate the ability to develop a strong network of relationships with creative communities in the Waitākere Ranges Local Board area and the ability to maintain working relationships with Auckland Council staff.

Full Details of the Contract Job  Ad are Here.

It is due in TWO days.

Equal access to opportunities linked to our local budgets is key to the economic health of local suburbs. The Oratia R&R were not made aware of the contract and it has not been in the latest Western Leader, or on the Boards facebook page.  Questions  have been sent to the Board, again  requesting  it   be made clear, where Contract and Job opportunities will be advertised and this article will be updated with further details as information comes back from Council

This is an ongoing  concern.  Questions have been raised publicly about lack of local advertising and procurement processes for other local board contracts including:

1. Kauri Dieback Community Co-ordinator, $45,000,  Amount of  local advertising questioned , awaded to Rodney resident and the Board ‘s endorsed choice for Councillor,  Christine Rose (unelected).  Issues Raised on  Piha Village Voice Here

2.Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Business Directory  – $25k No information given to Oratia R&R, Amount of   Local Advertising Questioned .  Awarded to Greenhithe Consultant.  Raised on this Site last July here.

Given that both Oratia and Glen Eden’s budgets and economic budget were cut from this years budget.  It seems important that locals be given access to the opportunities created by Waiaktere Ranges Local Boards significan local budget.  The Board’s budget ranges around the $12-18 million dollar per year mark including opex and capex.   “An important contributor to a healthy local economy is the multiplier effect of income in to a local area – in other words, how much of that money is spent and then re-spent in the local area and how many times this happens, before it leaks out of the area. Given the budgets of public organisations, public sector procurement can have a significant multiplier effect on a local economy.

The council’s procurement process says, ” To ensure that the competition is open, all qualified suppliers must have a reasonable opportunity to participate in all Auckland Council procurements and proposals must be evaluated, and selections made, in a fair manner.”