Oratia Halls Funding on the Chopping Block

In Waitakere’s Latest Agenda (here), the council is proposing allocation of the Halls and Marae fund which will see  Oratia and the other council owned halls paid half  ($2.4k) what privately owned halls (land and building owned by the R&R groups) are paid ($5k).   This will be a significant cut to the funds we received last year .

Each hall has different contracts, and has been receivng different amounts of support and funding.

 Amount of Halls and Marae Fund Proposed:

Winners:  Huia =($5k), Titirangi Beach = ($5k), Piha = ($5k) Waitakere = ($3.4k per hall x 2)

Losers : Oratia  = ($2.4k per hall x 2) , Laingholm  = ($2.4) , Waitarua = ($2.4)

Council Maintenance & Renewals in Council Owned Halls last 3 yrs:

Winners: Laingholm (1 hall) = $258,000, Waitakere (2 halls) = $135,000

Losers: Oratia ( 2 halls) = $14,242 (+ 5k septic maintenance) , Waiatraura (1 hall)= $16,000

A few facts :

1. Oratia Land and Halls were  owned by Oratia R&R  but they were gifted to council for $1 in exchange for a loan which we repaid and for a contract which required council to take care of the capital upgrades and maintain the buildings exterior.

2. Oratia is the only council owned hall who is responsible for it’s own internal maintenance upgrades.   It’s a significant cost and time. (Installed own floor vinyl, project managed and paid half ceiling restoration , restored own tables, fixing and maintenance, etc)

3. . Funds available for capital maintenance upgrade like the Halls Capital Fund has disappeared.  The Council’s Waitakere Heritage Fund used to fund 100% of a project, but now requires a contriburion of 1/2 from the group applying.

4.Oratia’s financial Performance was the best. We doubled our income and retained half in profit.   We advertised.

5. Oratia’s Halls are West Auckland’s busiest halls.  Oratia’s Hall Hire revenue was  4 times  Waitakere’s halls .  While this means more revenue it is also signifcantly more workload for the hall manager, bookeeper (unpaid), cleaner, volunteer maintenance (unpaid), wear and tear on the hall.

6. The Council Owned Halls are Laingholm, Waiatarua, Oratia Settlers, Oratia Small, Waitakere Domain Hall .  The Group Owned halls on Council land,Titirangi Beach. The Group owned building and land: Piha, Huia, Waitakere Township