Attempted Abduction Bruce Mclaren School – What Needs to Change?

An attempted abduction outside of Bruce Mclaren School, Oratia’s local intermediate, was reported on the weekend.  The offender was  20+ years old. Link

I put forward the following questions and open the discussion:

  • What role does local government have in addressing the poor economic and criminal issues in our area?
  • Did we see a fair share of expenditure in our local area?
  • Do the other suburbs in our Local Board  share  concerns  regarding safety and poverty in neighbouring suburbs, loss of heritage and rural landscapes or are they able to focus on different issues because they are seperated by the bush and geographical distance.
  • Is the Council’s budget focus on art, walkways , environmental education and coastal lagoons , and coastal toilets address the key problems facing our area? What will be the positive economic impacts  from the chosen expenditure?
  • Was it wise for the Local Board to cut the planned 200k of economic budget (streetscaping for Glen Eden village shops) from Glen Eden’s Budget? Do the Glen Eden village shops look inviting , reflect our community, and help attract  happy, successful, young  families to choose to live in our community?
  • What jobs are available for young people – did Urban Youth in Glen Eden and Sunnyvale have access to information about jobs at Lopdell Precinct, or the premium jobs – Kauri Manager, Project Management, Marketing or Web Development, Event Management offered through  the Environment Trusts.
  • What local government contracts went to Waitakere? Are our local environmental suppliers based in Waitakere?
  • What efforts were made by Local Government to keep the new film studios in Henderson that may go to Hobsonville Point?
  • Should we be supporting Vineyards and Orchards which used to produce many jobs for young people that lead to skills, and also support other industries that profit from their charm and landscape values: restaurants, tourism, bed and breakfasts, film. Should the liquor trusts be supporting the local producers and creating a new cider from local fruit and wine.  Should we be supporting the microproducers of Honey and Orchids and Feijoas?
  • Should the Art budget be split and a small hipper younger Brooklyn style gallery be put in one of the Glen Eden shops? Or sculptures in Rural Foothills?
  • Do young people in our area and it’s surrounding areas feel safe and hopeful that they will be able to engage in societies opportunities?

Opinion – Author –  Penny Sparks.