Waitakere Ranges: How our local budget was spent.

Waitakere Ranges Local Board end of year results are published which shows: how our local budget was spent,   what outcomes did we get, and  how satisfied locals are with services .

Local Board Performance  (July 14-June 15)  Link Here

Annual Report Link Here

Waitakere’s  Total Budget for the Year was $17 million.  The biggest difference  of note between Waitakere’s financial performance and other Auckland areas, is there was  no capital expenditure for the category of  Economic development (which includes street and township upgrades) and no  funding spent on recreation or leisure facilities.  We had higher expenditure on arts and environmental programmes.

Waitakere’s list of Capital Projects for this year is in the table  below.

Overall our Key Capital Projects and Initiatives are: Lopdell Precinct $12.8 Million  and Piha Toilets $1.1 Million,  Parrs Parks Sand Field 2 $200k to be finished in Spring.

The biggest changes from the original Annual Plan  (budget) were:

Glen Eden Upgrade: Plan $205k    Actual spend $0,

Lopdell Redevelopment: Plan  $0   Actual spend $1.1 Million

Piha Toilet: Plan $0   Actual spend $820k.

  Waitakere Ranges Walkway:  Plan $460, Actual spend$46k .

Waitakere Ranges Satisfaction Survey Results  : Satisfied with Library services: 88%, Satisfied with Community Centres: 68%, Satisfied with Art Facilities 87%, Perceive Neighbourhood as safe during day: 87%, at night: 36%, Quality of parks, reserves, sports fields beaches: 71%, Cleanliness of Town Centre 52%, and Maintenance of Street Enviromnent 46%, Residents feel they can participate in board decision making 20%, Recreation Services, there were no measures for this activity in Waitakere’s annual plan.