Letter to the Editor: Burnt House

Dear Editor ,

I am concerned about  the lack of action from Council in relation to the house on  West Coast Road  that  burnt down approximately 2 1/2 years ago.  The house was sold a year or so later to a developer,  and yet the property remains a derelict mess.
For 2 1/2 years the Oratia community has had to ’embrace’ the rubbish, the burnt remains, the over grown lawns, the unlocked gate/s, imminent potential safety issues and children/teenagers tresspassing within.
Despite several community members complaining to Council at various times during this period, the derelict eyesore has it’s gate locked spasmodically, but it continues to weather the seasons in it’s unsightly state.
Council can apparently do nothing.
So the residents of Oratia must therefore continue to put up with such visual pollution – clean and green it is not!.
This is not fair.
It is not fair to the neighbouring residents.
It’s not fair to the Oratia community nor those travelling through Oratia, to the West Coast beaches.
It is a poor reflection on these developers who care not for the neighbours.
It is a poor reflection on the Auckland City Council and their inability to act.
Concerned Neighbour