Transparency Alert: Boards Declarations of Interest….Disappear

Figure 1  Waitakere Ward is named with declarations from Councillors Hulse and Cooper.  But Waitakere Local Board’s 2013, 2014, disappear & 2015 has never been published

Council publishes a dropdown list of all Elected Members  “Declaration of Interests, showing property interests, companies, employment, trusts community ogranisation and anything that might be a conflict and is of public interest –  except for  Waitakere Local Board’s which has disappeared.

Last month the dropdown had  declarations for Waitakere Local Board 2013/14, but ours was the only board to be completely missing from the 2015 declarations.

Now, the 2015 declarations still haven’t been published, but 2013 and 2014 Waitakere Local Board  dropdown option  has disappeared.

We are the only board not named.

We have  the  most conflict of interests. Waitakere  deliver our largest programmes and infrastructure through “partnership” trusts of which the board members are trustees or employees.  So we really need more transparency not less. As currently there are few checks and balances.

Auckland Council can you please reinstate our Local Board on your dropdown list for 2013 – 2015.  We would like the same transparency and  accountability as the rest of Auckland enjoys.


Author: Opinion Penny Sparks