“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” Oratia Location

A little bit of  movie stardust for Oratia who gets a mention as one of the film sets for the stunning kiwi film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”.    In Sundays’ Stuff article by Steve Kilgallon: 

Behind the scenes of Wilderpeople: mud, snow, kids and fake pigs

“It’s unusual, says Stevenson, that about 95% of the scenes in the movie are shot outdoors – although he did have to build, age, and then burn down a barn for a scene on Hec’s farm (for which exterior shots were filmed in Puhoi, and the interiors some 55 kilometres away in suburban Oratia, west Auckland). So when today’s internal shots finish, they wander outside for a couple of bush scenes, shot literally about 100 centimetres into the undergrowth.”