Well I see today that you can google the council minutes by key word. (I know i’m a ratepaying  geek – a bit sad really!) We haven’t been told officially but look what is in the Minutes for the Budget committee.

Whoop.  Hooray!  They have been listening.  Fingers crossed.

Request that Auckland Council extends the sewerage line to make a direct connection with:

·              Oratia District School

·              the Settlers’ Hall

·              the Small Hall

·              the cluster of buildings which includes the Oratia Superette and Dragiceviches’ Orchard buildings and allocates funding for this from the $38,000,000 allocated to Collection System Expansion and the $25,100,000 allocated to Collection System Improvement in the Wastewater section of the Capital Projects List7 (see 6).


The provision of wastewater services to new areas is dependent on detailed Council planning (structure planning) or private plan changes. Much of Oratia is currently zoned countryside living and until such time as Council determines that such areas are a priority for growth and are accompanied by coordinated structure plans that determine the nature , mix and layout of growth and accompanying services, then Watercare is unable to service these new areas.