Waiheke Campaign signs

Poster for the Waiheke safe speed campaign

waiheke sign campaign

Advertising objective:

To reduce vehicle speeds by raising motorist awareness of vulnerable road users on roads that are considered to be Waiheke Winding Lanes.

The criteria for a road to qualify as a Waiheke Winding Lane are as follows:

  • No footpaths, but where the road is shared by reasonable numbers of pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and wildlife
  •  Rural look & feel
  •  Few houses close to the road
  •  Minimal cars parked on the roadside
  •  Winding and narrow
  •  Longer than 500 metres

(more information at: http://www.aucklandtransport.govt.nz/moving-around/road-safety/Speeding/Pages/Waiheke-speed-campaign.aspx)

Two new signs placed on West Coast Road, Oratia, yesterday – one going each way.

New Sign 14 July 2013 Heading East
New sign heading east, 14 June 2013.
New Sign Heading West.  June 14 2013
New sign heading west, June 14 2013.
sign pic
Other signs already installed on West Coast Road, Oratia.