Event Update on Kauri Dieback and the Hillary Trail Event the Lactic Turkey

Latest news from the Auckland Council on Kauri Dieback and the Hillary Trail event from the Parks Policy advisor.

Following on from the stakeholder meeting held at Arataki on 2 July and the article in the Western Leader about the proposed event on the Hillary Trail we have received feedback from a number of individuals and community groups about this application.  We have undertaken initial analysis of these submissions and in considering this along with the implementation of kauri protection measures I have made the decision that our Biosecurity team needs to complete a thorough assessment of the potential impact on kauri dieback in the ranges from new events/discretionary activities and the risks to the kauri protection programme.

This Biosecurity report will take a few weeks to prepare and the findings of this will then guide what process we follow from there.   However, it is now evident we will not be able to report to the  August, Parks Recreation and Heritage Forum meeting, as previously advised.  I thought it best to provide you with an update on progress on this event application and advise that we will be in touch in due course when we have determined the process we will follow once we have the findings of this report.