What makes great places?

The Power of 10 is a concept regarding great placemaking.  The idea is that it’s not enough to have just one great place in a neighborhood- you need a number of them to create a truly lively city or town.So how is Oratia Village doing?  Have we got 10. 
  • 1. Oratia School – Great, good school, strong community
  • 2. Dairy – Great spot to check the noticeboard, buy an icecream
  • 3. Dragecivich –  Freshest Apples and a friendly chat
  • 4. Playgroup
  • 5 Settlers Hall – Yoga or Scouts or an Event
  • 6. ……………
Hmmm , their are some other great places like the Oratia Market and the Church but they are physically disconnected from our village so don’t add to creating a lively centre.   The council has plans to do something, but nothing is on the cards in the near future.  So what low cost or temporary things could we  do to make our village more vibrant and lively.  Many people around the world are taking Placemaking into their own hands with lowish cost temporary events and changes to their village.  Give me your ideas in the comments – they can be wild – it’s a brainstorm.  Here are some to start us off.

  • 1. Outdoor pianos like Wynyard Quarter. (they are only $20 on Trademe)
  • 2. Bring back “Church” – apparently the Dali’s used to meet in one of the barns for a beer  and a chat on Fridays.  Should Friday church return.  We could put out a barbeque in summer.
  • 3. A pop up container cafe in the summer.   (Container by Joost)
  • 4.   A craft market – what would we have to do to make that work  this time?
  • 5. A city market – Parnell has a farmers market  with no farmers, perhaps  we have a townie market, with town things.
  • 6.  A pizza oven in the domain
  • 7.   Improve the gardens, put in a couple of  bench seats.
  • 8. Some art
  • 9  Simple bridle trail along the stream to connect us with the Farmers Market.
  • 10. A bmx dirt bike track in a paddock for the kids and kids at heart.

I hear the Settlers Film Club is planning something – Watch this space.    Also , The council creative community grants are on at the moment.  24 August.  Any individual or group can apply.   Is someone keen to take up the challenge?