$40,000 earmarked for Oratia

Fantastic result as our Local Board in their final December meeting approved $40,000  funding for Oratia towards  implementation of the Oratia LAP.

The new domain land surrounding the halls has been largely an empty space, and the project begins with a discussion and landscape design.   We look forward to a future for the Halls and Domain that builds on their history to  create a vibrant and useful community space.

Oratia R&R  President Gary Henderson  spoke at the open forum in support of the proposal and also requested the definition of the Domain to be made clear as to whether it included the adjacent buildings, car park and play areas.

Please check the February 2013 Committee Meeting Agenda for full details of a proposed discussion to be held at the meeting. Have your say by commenting below, emailing us at oratia@oratia.org.nz, or by turning up at the meeting on Tuesday evening, February 12th, in the Small Hall. Meeting starts at 7.30pm; discussions with Council guests Claire Liousse (North West Planning) and Mica Plowman (Heritage Specialist) scheduled for 8.15pm.

Many thanks to  the Waitakere Ranges Local Board.

The notes from the Local Board Minutes are as below:

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area – Implementation of Local Area Plan. Actions for the  Enhancement of Oratia Village:

Resolution number WTK/2012/214

MOVED by Member N. R. Henderson, seconded Member G. B. Presland:

That the Waitakere Ranges Local Board:

a) Approves expenditure of $40,000 in the current financial year

–  documenting Oratia’s historical and cultural heritage

– designing improvements to enhance its public spaces, in particular the Domain, (including the attendant buildings, carpark and playground), in ways that celebrate  its unique heritage and cultural identity.

b) Allocates expenditure for the above projects from the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Protection budget.