Local Unitary Plan Roadshow Tomorrow

The Draft Unitary Plan and Map are available online now.   It’s the rulebook for Auckland and so if nothing else at least check out the rules that will affect your property.
Type in your address and find out what zone and overlay you are.  My main overlay on Parker Rd appears to be Country living, with our overlays being Built Environment overlay: Design and Development – Waitakere Ranges (Ridgelines), and Heritage overlay: Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act.  
Our local unitary plan roadshow is  Tuesday MAR 19 • 10:00AM — WAITAKERE LIBRARY  3 Ratanui Street, Henderson   10am-1pm 

I have had only a brief look. I plan to head down to find out more.


Check the rule book  for the nitty gritty .

Here’s one example.  An  excerpt from the Unitary Plan rule book is  called landscaping in countryside living. The proposed rule is this:     

Purpose:  ensure the Countryside Living zone retains a rural character overall and provide a visual buffer between the road and dwellings.

1. In the Countryside Living zone, landscaping must be provided along the frontage of sites not occupied by buildings or access points for a depth of 3m.

2. Landscaping must comprise trees, shrubs and ground cover plants.
(*From Unitary Plan part 4 Rules»4.3 Zone rules»4.3.7 Rural zones»3. Development controls»3.5 Landscaping in Countryside Living)
What does that mean.  Underplanting?  Can I have an orchard at the front of my property.  But what if their are no shrubs or ground cover.  Is grass a ground cover.   What about the rural scene of a horse looking over a post and rail fence from a paddock.  Is that no more?  Does it have to be a 3m  row of planting?   Will a block of planting ruin our rural viewshafts.     Will ask more questions at the roadshow.
Other rules to look at include placements of houses from boundaries and house heights.
Please feel free to start a discussion on the unitary plan and it’s effects on countryside living in the comments.