Funding to Waitakere Ranges Local Board Area could be cut by 40% or an extra $73 tax on your rates

Auckland Council is  reconsidering how to allocate funding across local boards and is looking at various funding models.  According to these models, Waitakere Ranges are in for the biggest hit.

If  Auckland Council moves to a population based model (Model F) (link to document here), Waitakere Ranges Local Board with it’s more sparse and spread population could see a funding cut to our area of 40%.

The other factor in the Auckland Council Models  is spend on Locally Driven Intiatives.  Waitakere Ranges has one of the highest per population spends  of Locally Driven  Initiatives (with two of our big spends being Arts and the Environment). Scenario C proposes  that these local initiatives should incur an extra charge on your rates of $73 per household.

The local board will no doubt be advocating for a better deal.  Possibly  based on  the cost in maintaining the heritage area which is an area protected for the enjoyment of the region and because of it’s larger land area requires higher costs, managing possums and streams and weeds etc.      We will watch this conversation with interest.