New Voting Electorates for Oratia

Electoral Boundaries have had big changes  out west since the last election.  The old Waitakere Electorate is no more and has been split into new ones.

The Waitakere Ranges Local Board area is now spread across three voting electorates for the Central Government Elections. Roughly, Titirangi is in the  New Lynn Electorate .  The rest of us are mostly in the Helensville Electorate.

Except, Oratia who is now split in two electorates at the school boundary.  Those of us on the Ranges side of the school are in Helensville Electorate and those on the side of the school heading to  Parrs Park are in the Kelston Electorate.

 To check it out, there is a great interactive map here with an article on the electoral boundaries and coloured indicators of how we voted last time.

Or check out who have an easy  interactive map, showing old and new boundaries, and all the official info.