Liston College Gates for Oratia Domain

Liston College Gates

Yesterday the Oratia Domain Gates were installed.  The gates were constructed by the Liston College Tech  Students, led by Bob Fagg  who sells the gates as fundraising for their Cricket Team’s overseas trips.    The boys at Liston use  traditional wood joinery skills with mortise and tenon joints and macrocarpa timber to construct high quality gates for their  senior end of term project.   Titirangi Master Carver , Neil Turner,  engraved Oratia Domain on the Gates.

The Oratia Masterplan changes were not budgeted by council, so to make the best of the current situation  the Oratia R&R invested in some double timber gates to open up access  to the Oratia Domain, our beautiful sunny patch of public space. There are a couple of tensioning issues because of their weight still to be worked out,   and another coat of stain required, but the gates are in.    Thanks to the Oratia R&R who paid, and  the behind the scenes crew who keep the R&R running with there volunteer time and Robin Kewell for ferrying the gates around in his trailer.  There is one more single gate to go in at the front of the Service alley by the Settlers Hall.  So watch this space.

Finally, check out that view!   This now looks like a public space fit for a community picnic.  Well, almost maybe a picnic table next. 🙂