Broadband Survey for our Area

Council have emailed the R&R , and they would like some more accurate info so they can advocate for us to be part of the Government funded rural Broadband programme  in our area.  So please take 2 minutes and fill out the quick survey below so they have the data to advocate on our behalf.

“From the work that the council has done with government and the telecommunications industry we know that a major problem is a lack of accurate information about where the problems are and how many people are affected.  With this information we hope to make a case to the telecommunications industry and central government to address the issues in your area.

The council has put together a short survey that is available online at and in hardcopy. In order to reach as many households as possible we would like your help.  Through the work you do with your local community it would be great if you could let people know about this opportunity.  Our goal is to get feedback from as many households in your community as possible.  As well as the electronic survey we can make hardcopies available upon request.”