#Save Oratia – Watercare Treatment Plant Meeting this Tuesday 6pm

Watercare is planning a massive behemoth watertreatment plant on Parker Road

Bring your signs.  Bring your questions . Bring concerned kids and family. Bring your passion.

But Oratia is not an option. The Oratia plan will take 12 family homes under the public works act  and change Oratia and it’s rural nature forever.   Oratia is not and  industrial zone.    It’s a heritage zone.   Parker Road is a family. Families have lived on the land for generations. And generations and extended families live side by side

The Oratia community was not told of the project or  given a chance to influence the process at the   Stakeholders meeting that have been going on for over a  year .

Like the new facebook page #Save Oratia on facebook to stay informed.

And please come out to support us at the hall at 6pm Tuesday at the Oratia Settlers Hall