Congratulations Oratia

Watercare have made their decision. The Treatment Plant will not be in Oratia where it would have displaced numerous families and homes.  A huge effort from Save Oratia for their tireless effort who made Oratia’s case with dignity and creativity, from the signs, to the shop, to the songs , the video,  the photography, the stories,  the submissions,  and  the empassioned meetings . It was an amazing response to an extraordinary situation. Thank you to the community, our neighbouring communities and friends who gave their support in huge numbers.  And thanks to the Elected Members, Councillors, Deputy Prime Minister and Neighbour Paula Bennett and the media who attended our meetings, streamed video read our submissions and heard our stories. Yah! And congratulations to the Oratia almost-red zone. Glad you’re back.  Hope you rest easy tonight.  Peace.