Oratia Small Hall Exterior Paint

Repaint the Oratia Small Hall. Including Painting Roof existing heritage  Pioneer Red.  Complete

Oratia Transport Project | Status:   Complete

Widened Footpath/Cycleway from , Nolas to the school as well as 3 x crossing upgrades at the school.  The Entrance to the Halls carpark is moving back to allow for better visibility of the new crossing.   Changes to planting at new carpark entrance.

 Oratia Masterplan  & Heritage Document | Status: Complete 



The Oratia R&R generates revenue through managing the  community halls utilising community volunteer labour. Thanks to the volunteer work of our committee and our  team  (accounts and hall co-ordinator and other local volunteers) we have completed the following projects and investments in our public spaces.

New Community Hall Notice Board – Oratia R&R Funding. Volunteer Builder installed (Thanks)Complete

Settlers’ Hall – New Entry Mirror and Console Table – Oratia R&R Funding. Volunteer Builder installed (Thanks) Complete

20 New Chairs Settlers’ Hall- Oratia R&R FundingComplete

Repaired and replaced rollers on sliding doors, replaced locks and  window latches – Oratia R&R funded | Status – Complete

Replaced pump in Dishwasher/SteriliserComplete

Oratia Entrance Sign | Status – In Progress

There has been a post with initial designs on this site. Discussion/ Design Phase.

 Heritage Crucible Water Feature –     Signage with designer, water feature awaiting final pump, wiring in,  planter complete. In Progress.

Apple Pickers Ball: Waitakere Ranges Local Board Funded Grant Received|Status – Complete

Picnic Tables and Concrete Bases in the Domain: Oratia R&R funded, Assembled by volunteers. | Status – Complete

Restored all timber tables: Oratia R&R paid for paint. Thanks to BNZ closed for good  volunteers for the restoration sanding and revarnishing – Complete

Double Timber Gates –  Small Hall to Domain, stained and engraved: Oratia R&R funded built by Liston College | Status – Complete

Gate at the Rubbish Side Alley: Oratia R&R funded built by Liston College  | Status – Complete

Painted interior of Small Hall: Oratia R&R / Council 1/2 funded |Status – Complete

New Entrance Garden and Sleepers by Chainlink Fence: Oratia R&R funded and volunteer actioned| Status Complete

New  Upholstery Interior Cushions for Small Hall Pews: Oratia R&R Funded with Support from a TTCF Grant | Status – Complete

Mould Removal and Paint of Oratia Small Hall Interior – 1/2 funded by council Heritage Grant. Project Management and cleanup, 1/2 funded by Oratia R&R

Signage for Settlers Hall: Oratia R&R funded sign,  design probono | Status – Complete

Signage for Small Hall: Oratia R&R funded sign,  design pro bono | Status – Complete

Replaced Settlers’ Hall Bulkhead Light fittings with dimmable LED’s: Oratia R&R funded | Status – Complete

Restoration of local Heritage  Fruit Sign: Oratia R&R funded  | Status – Complete

Commercial Radiant Heaters in both Halls: Oratia R&R Project managed, installed and paid. Council later paid  for the heaters. | Status Complete.

Settlers Hall Chairs and Chair Trolley – Oratia R&R funded new upholstered padded stacking function chairs   | Status – Complete

Rodent Exterminators – Oratia R&R pays for professional pest control   | Status – Complete

Christmas Lights – Purchased and hanging of Oratia Christmas lights at Halls. | Status – Complete

Replaced Kitchen Bathroom Vinyl Small Hall – Oratia R&R funded and managed | Status – Complete

Replaced Curtains Oratia Settlers Hall – Oratia R&R funded and Managed | Status – Complete

Oratia The Apple & Oratia Website: Oratia R&R managed and funded, ongoing| Complete

Quarterly Publication of the Apple Newsletter and Delivery