Heritage, Legal, Council documents for Oraita. 

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008

Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act 2008






Auckland Council District Plan Oratia Heritage Listings

Map of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area , metropolitan limit and description. 

Oratia and Waitarua Streams-contours

Oratia Natural Areas plan change 35 Map – Oratia Waiatarua

ORATIA STORIES –  Published Oratia Stories: people & place

Neighbourhood TV Programme – Oratia Season 3 Episode 20 on TVNZ on Demand Link Here

This week Italian born Alessandra Zecchini shows us around her neighbourhood – Oratia a rural community of about two and a half thousand lucky souls on the border of Auckland’s city sprawl.

Neighbourhood Extras – Oratia





Pod Gardening: Link for full story

Mate Dragicevich | Orchardist

Mate Dragicevich “The orchard holds lots of memories for me about the traditions of my family’s life here…” Story and photographsby Pod Gardening. March 2012

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Pod Gardening Link for full Story

Eric & Kathy Boyle| Set Maker, Props Builder & Film Maker and Domestic Goddess/Animal Wrangler  We have planted thousands of trees,some in a forestry block for future production, some in orchards both citrus and apples, as well as plums, cherries, pears, olives, feijoas, cherimoyas, persimmons, macadamias, walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts and of course a huge variety of natives and ornamentals which include over 30 different Magnolias



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Oratia Originals: From  NZ Life and Leisure

As part of the Article in NZ Life and Leisure about local Interior Designer Janice Kumar Ward, there was an aside about some of the great local artisans and food producers that make our community and our rural landscapes special.  Click through for  photographs and stories about Brian Nola (still growing his own – support Nola’s Store) , Ray from Just Plane Interesting, John Rogers,  Neon – Sign Maker, Melanie Tomes,  organic gardener, and Steve Sapich winemaker (who’s winery is now for sale).   Click here to read their stories


From Life & Leisure: Janice and Julian Ward

Creative couple from Oratia, Janice and Julian Wards’ home  featured in the NZ Life and Leisure magazine.     Janice an award winning  interior designer, and Julian a furniture maker transformed the previously humble property into a enviable family home in an idyllic  spot – Oratia!  The full article is available on her website.








Glucina History – Parker Road Foundry Pouring Bronze Alloy Ingots

West Auckland’s Yugoslavian population is famous for its wine making and market gardening. George Glucina wanted to follow the family tradition but in 1952 his entire Oratia tree tomato crop was wiped out by a viral infection. This forced him to seek work elsewhere to support his wife.

A friendly neighbour, Harold Bassett, offered him a job in his foundry and ingot making business. George gratefully accepted.

Ingot making was a low-tech affair in those days, and George learned the basics quickly. He was an entrepreneur at heart and in 12 months, with borrowed equipment and Harold Bassett’s blessing, he started up his own business melting brass and bronze.

His furnace was a 150lb capacity brass crucible heated with a gravity fed diesel fueled burner. There were no fuel deliveries in those days. George had to drive in to the city once a week to collect two 44 gallon drums of diesel. Link Here


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